Q: Should you eat breakfast? A: Always

Did you know that there are a TON of health benefits linked to eating breakfast?

Besides the fact that I’m always hungry in the morning anyway, I always try to make sure I eat breakfast. Recently I’ve been on an omelet kick. It’s a great way to use left over vegetables hanging out in the fridge. Some of my go to add in’s are : baby bella mushrooms, tomatoes, kale (obviously), broccoli, and turkey sausage or grilled chicken. Hold the cheese.

If you aren’t a morning person, frittata is a great alternative.  You can make it ahead of time and reheat throughout the week. So there is really no excuse for skipping breakfast.

What’s Frittata? Frittata is an egg-based dished (similar to an omelet or quiche, sans the crust)


The Essentials

If you opt for the Frittata, a Cast Iron Skillet is a must. Why? They can go straight from the stovetop to the oven.  Le Creuset has a line of Signature skillets that I would die for, but a bit pricey.  If you are like me and looking for a more budget-friendly option, Target has a great skillet by Threshold. They come is a couple of different colors and sizes too!

If you’re not sold on breakfast yet, below are my top 5 benefits/reasons you should start your morning with breakfast every day:

  1. Energy boost to start the day
  2. Gets your metabolism started (if you thought you were going to lose weight by skipping breakfast, you’re wrong)
  3. Sharper focus
  4. Helps portion meals for the rest of the day (AND prevents overeating because you won’t be starving by the time lunch rolls around)
  5. Eggs pack protein, amino acids, and even vitamin D

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