What’s Trending? POH-keh Bowls

Tonight I took a shot at a Hawaiian classic – the Poke Bowl (pronounced POH-keh).  Poke comes from the verb for “to section, slice, or cut” in the Hawaiian Language.  Essentially it’s a delicious meal in a bowl and what’s more trendy and convenient than that?

poke bowl

Choose your base:

I went with white rice, but you can switch it up by using brown rice or lettuce.  To save time, I used Annie Chun’s quick cook white sticky rice.  It’s one of the better microwave rices that I’ve tried, it’s gluten free, has a sticky texture (great for this dish or making homemade sushi) and only takes 60 seconds to cook.

Choose your toppings:

I used cucumbers (sliced using the blade on my spiralizer then halved), fresh avocado, shelled edamame, cilantro, green onions, soft boiled egg and toasted sesame seeds (I used Tuxedo – a mix of white and black).

Choose your protein:

Harris Teeter had fresh Sushi Grade Tuna Steaks on special this week – so I went with Tuna, but other good alternatives are salmon, shrimp or even tofu.

Choose your sauce:

I tossed my Tuna with San J gluten free soy sauce and sriracha.  Another good option is a spicy mayo (mayo and sriracha), but I wanted to avoid the fat.


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