Weekly Workout 7.29

Love this full body workout because it incorporates cardio, legs/glutes, upper body strength/arms AND core, requires ZERO equipment and takes less than 30 minutes!

Variations: Try substituting different exercises to switch it up (tricep push-ups, burpees, squats w pencil jump). Switch up the cardio in between reps (jump rope, running, stairs) OR if you have limited space substitute with jumping jacks. You can also do each exercise for time (20-30 seconds of push-ups, instead of 10 total).

Challenges: Add more exercises each round, increase reps per exercise, or add a run before and/or after the circuit. I would recommend either doing 2-3 miles before OR 1 mile before and 1 mile after. You can also get creative with jump rope – try single leg, alt leg, and double unders.

Modifications: Better form, better results! Modify exercises like push-ups by doing them on your knees.

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