Baltimore Half-Marathon Recap

If you follow my Instagram story, you already saw a sneak peek last week, but I wanted to share with you some of my favorite running products. I picked up most of these at the Expo the day before the race (however, I didn’t try anything new the morning of the race).


I picked up my first pair of Feetures at the Baltimore Running Festival Expo a few years ago and they quickly became my go-to sock for running. Their patented Sock-Lock technology provides targeted compression, support and blister protection. They have a couple different types of socks (including a pair for Plantar Fasciitis Relief!) – I have the Elite which cost $15.99 per pair. All of their products are backed by an unconditional Lifetime Guarantee and they come in cool color combinations. You can buy them online and right now they are offering $10 off for signing up for their newsletter and free shipping $25+.


CLIF BLOKS Energy Chews provide a quick, chewable, energy while racing. I carry a pack while I’m racing and typically have a chew around mile 8/9 when I’m starting to fatigue. Direct from their website, a 2.12 oz packet costs $2.79. They offer a couple of different flavors, but I prefer Strawberry.


Nuun (pronounced “noon”) is the perfect sports drink – think Gatorade minus the sugar. The electrolyte enhanced drink tablets are gluten/dairy/soy free and made from plant based ingredients. As you sweat, Nuun replenishes your body with the electrolytes it needs (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium). My favorite flavors right now are Lemon-Lime and Tropical Fruit. Each tube contains 10 tablets and costs $7.

Motive Pure

Another electrolyte hydration product. I had seen and heard about Motive Pure, but tried it for the first time at the Baltimore Running Festival Expo and ended up buying some. I tried 3 flavors (Pink Lemonade, Lemon-Lime and Grape). I’m typically not a grape flavor person, but this was my favorite and I ended up buying some. As opposed to tablets, Motive Pure comes in 1 oz mini bottles that you add to 16 oz of water. 1 oz Mini 3 Pack costs $7 – or you can buy the 16 oz bottle for $16.

What I wore:

Lululemon Speed Up Tight. Love these tights, especially for running. They have multiple pockets for all your essentials – like a back zipper pocket for a key and side pockets for your phone.

UA Threadborne Seamless Heathered Tank. Love this super lightweight, quick-dry fabric.

UA SpeedForm Slingshot. Love these shoes for working out, however they don’t provide a ton of support. I over pronate and could definitely could feel the lack of support in my left foot, however my preference is still a lightweight running shoe.


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