[ New York, New York ]

Taylor Swift finally released her new album, Reputation, on Friday so the timing of this trip couldn’t have been more spot on. My roommate and I went to New York for the weekend [ more like 36 hours, but whose counting ] to visit some friends. I’d be lying if I️ didn’t say boozy bottomless brunch was involved [ and Taylor Swift on repeat ], but this morning we hit up Cyc Fitness and it was a G R E A T experience.

Cyc is a beat-based, indoor cycling studio located in Astor place. They provide a complimentary shoe rental and lockers with built in locks (very important when it’s 38 degrees outside and you have all the layers). A single class costs $28, but well worth it.

I’ve taken spin classes at a handful of other studios and some of my favorite things about Cyc were :

  • The atmosphere. When you walk in, you feel like you stepped foot into a night club. The music and lighting are also on point once you get into the studio.
  • The choreography. From endurance intervals to weighted challenges, I felt like the class was fresh and had a good flow.
  • The amenities. I don’t spin enough to justify buying a pair of shoes, but they make a world of difference, especially when the choreography requires a lot of moving around. So, the complimentary shoe rental is key. They also have lockers with built in locks.
  • Beat-based. I was hesitant at first when I noticed that the bikes didn’t have computers. How was I supposed to know how many RPMs (revolutions per minute) or what resistance level I was at? But once class got started, I didn’t even notice. Instead, I was able to focus on listening to my body during the workout – adding more resistance and increasing my RPMs as necessary.

After spin, we headed to Liquiteria for some post workout fuel. We all got Ginger shots [ highly recommend ] and I got the Bulldozer shake [ bananas, peanut butter, vanilla almond milk & chocolate whey protein ].

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to try new classes/studios. This weekend definitely didn’t disappoint!

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