ROAM Fitness

My dad recently moved to North Carolina so I flew to Charlotte to spend Thanksgiving here. With the holiday, I was anticipating traffic, long lines and heightened security at the airport so I gave myself plenty of travel time to ensure I didn’t miss my flight (as my family anticipated I would). I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to try out ROAM Fitness and use my Free Day Pass. Unfortunately, it was a super frustrating experience and I think I’ll just skip the gym next time.

The gym is located after the D/E security checkpoint. So this part is my fault, but consider this your warning. If your flight is leaving out of Concourse A, B or C you will actually need to go back thru security (which in my opinion completely depletes the purpose of being located past security). There are 2 security checkpoints at BWI – one for D/E and one for A/B/C.

Since I got to the airport early and had time to kill (oh and did I mention that walking towards concourse D/E I accidentally walked back out into the main atrium and was going to have to go back thru security again anyways??) I decided to head over to the other concourse to check out the gym.

After getting thru security (for the 2nd time), ROAM was easy to find. It’s located behind security in the D/E connector next to gate D1.

ROAM has all of the gym essentials – a variety of cardio equipment, medicine balls, a TRX, and even stuff for stretching like foam rollers and mats. However, it’s convenient location right past security and next to gate D1 means there isn’t a lot of privacy. It’s also super tiny. Again, this is probably my fault. I mean it’s an airport gym – what did I expect? Surprisingly, on one of the busiest travel days of the year, there wasn’t anyone else there, but if there was we would have been working out together in close quarters.

Amenities. I didn’t have a whole lot of time so I didn’t try the showers or rental workout gear, but the concept is pretty cool. They offer Brooks shoe rentals and Lululemon apparel for men and women. Rentals are included in the cost of your day, month, and annual membership. You can also wear your own gear and they will vacuum seal your sweaty clothes after your workout.


Post Workout Fuel. They have a variety of bars (Picky Bars, RX Bars and Square Bars), protein powders and shakers (Aloha), and other premium water and drink options for purchase post workout.

The concept of ROAM Fitness is a great idea, but for me, it ultimately ended up being more of an inconvenience. Has anyone else tried ROAM? I’m curious what your experience was like.

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