I turned 26 on Friday and for my birthday, I wanted to have a me day – I looked into a bunch of different fitness studios from barre to spin, but ultimately decided on [solidcore]. I read an article a few months ago in the Baltimore Business Journal about a new, Washington, DC based fitness studio that was coming to Baltimore – [solidcore]. Their Baltimore location hasn’t opened yet, but after reading some reviews I knew this was what I wanted to do, so I made a day trip down to Annapolis.


[solidcore] is 50 minutes of high-intensity, low-impact, slow & controlled movements on a specially made, resistance-based workout machine. I arrived 15 minutes early (required for your first class) and my coach gave me an overview of the machine.

The machine – the entire workout is done on top of it!

  • 8 springs for a customized level of tension
  • A stationary platform
  • A moving carriage
  • Various resistance bands

In addition to providing an overview of the machine itself, my coach also walked through the sequence of exercises we would be doing throughout the workout. Unlike other fitness classes, the coaches at [solidcore] aren’t on a machine themselves, instead they circulate the room and provide hands on assistance. So, it was extremely beneficial to have a quick run down prior to getting started.

I went to an off-peak class, so their were only 6-7 clients which was perfect because I got personalized attention during my workout. You always get this experience though because class size is never more than 14 clients.

The studio

  • The studio is small, but has all of the amenities you need including water fountains (and bottled water available for purchase), towels, and locker bins to stash your stuff during class.
  • Hellooo trendy, fitness studio vibes – the lights were low, the music on point, mirrored walls and motivational quotes written under each machine.


  • First class (new clients) – $19 or 2 for $34
  • Single classes cost $37
  • They also offer packages where classes range from $25-$35 per class

The workout

  • Each move has the foundation of a plank, square or lunge. The coach offered challenges and modifications throughout to make sure that each client was challenged.
  • All of the moves are slow and controlled, isolating and strengthening the entire body.
  • In addition to all-levels classes, they also offer muscle-specific classes – arms+abs, buns+guns and core30.

[solidcore] has several locations in the DMV (Annapolis, Bethesda, Wildwood, Adams Morgan, Cathedral Commons, Mt. Vernon Triangle, Navy Yard, Shaw, West End, Ashburn, Ballston, Mosaic, Old Town and Tysons Corner), 29 total studios and 8 coming soon (including Baltimore in early 2018)!

After class, I headed to Rutabaga Craft Juicery in Annapolis. They have juices, blends, locally made kombucha and a few breakfast/lunch options. I got the No. 55 [tropical] – coconut milk, orange, mango, pineapple, strawberry and coconut oil. I also got a bottle of blue ridge kombucha [ginger], made in the blue ridge mountains. Both were amazing!

Have you tried [solidcore] yet?

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