Weekly Roundup [ 4 . 1 5 ]

Happy Sunday! I’m just getting back from a long weekend in Siesta Key for my girlfriends bachelorette party. It was the perfect quick getaway, but I’m excited to get back in my routine this week. Check out some of the things I’m currently obsessing over ..


Alo Yoga

I’ve seen Alo Yoga apparel in different studios, but never owned any .. until I came across the High-Waist Moto Leggings and had to have them. I was a little hesitant at first because they cost $114. Here’s the deal, I don’t mind splurging on workout clothes because I literally live in them and quality is so important, but having never owned any Alo apparel I didn’t know what the quality was going to be like. A lot of people have been asking me about these pants, so here you go – highly recommend and I’m about to put in another order to get some more sh*t!


Hope Sriracha Hummus

If you like Sriracha (and who doesn’t) – you NEED to try this hummus. 2 for $6 at Sprouts Market. Plus all of their products are gluten free and vegan.


DW Home Candles

I always have candles lit in my house – it makes it feel so homey! Anthropology candles are my go-to, but I also love these candles by DW Home. You can find them at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods. They smell amazing and are less expensive than the Antropology candles (however – candles are another thing that I will splurge on). Right now I’m loving Tranquil Lotus.


Gundalow Juice Shots

These little shots pack a bold punch. They have two flavors – the BEET shot and the GINGER shot. I like drinking one post workout or in the morning to start my day.


Michele’s Granola

I’ve been obsessing over this farmers market find [ wheat & dairy free ]. The ingredients in this granola are naturally free of gluten, however, the oats they bake with are not certified gluten-free, so it’s possible they could come into contact with gluten-containing ingredients during processing before they arrive at the facility. This granola is hand made in small batches from scratch. I’ve been pairing it with Chobani greek yogurt and fruit for a quick and easy breakfast. To be honest – I don’t really like yogurt, but it’s good for you so I try to eat it occasionally. My ratio of yogurt to granola and fruit is just a little disproportionate – a little to a lot.


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