It seems like every other day we’re celebrating a different unofficial holiday from national donut day to national rosé day. If you missed it, last Wednesday was Global Running Day and while I can’t say I participated in the first two, a day celebrating running is something I can get behind.

Over a million runners hit the pavement and celebrated by participating in organized runs in hundreds of cities across 100+ countries.

This year I went to New York to celebrate with Electric Flight Crew (LA based fitness and social club). We met up with other running groups, Harlem Run Crew and Resident Runners, to kick off Global Running Day with a 5K midnight run hosted by Under Armour followed by a post run celebration at Royal Palms Brooklyn.

Wednesday morning (after a few hours of sleep) a couple of us checked out Fhitting Room – an upscale boutique fitness studio in Flatiron.  If you’re local to (or just visiting) New York City, I highly recommend checking out this studio.

The studio : This upscale studio offers multiple showers, vanity stations, digital lockers and towel service. Inside the upscale black and neon green space are two studios (one upstairs and one downstairs).

The workout : We took the signature FHIX (Functional High Intensity Mix) class, a 50-minute workout that integrates functional movements like squatting, jumping and lunging, strength training, high intensity intervals, total body focus and highly varied exercises.

We started with a warm-up that consisted of jumping jacks, lunges, inchworms and squats. Next we paired up for a tabata mash up incorporating med ball lunges, squats and push-ups. Then we broke into groups of 6 for circuits which consisted of more lunges (this time with an added squat and kettlebell), bosu ball mountain climbers and planks, and some upper body strength training. To finish, we broke into groups of 3. One person did 20 kettlebell swings, while the others did burprees and med ball slams .. for 6 minutes. Let that sink in.

I measure workouts by sweat and soreness levels – and this class definitely delivered both!

The cost : One single class costs $38, but new clients can take advantage of 2 classes for the price of 1 (complimentary class must be used within 31 days). They also have options for 5, 10, 20 and 50 class packages or monthly, time-based packages.

Overall, I loved this workout. The trainers were friendly and encouraging, we utilized various equipment from kettlebells to TRX, and I liked the varied format. I also liked how we worked both individually and in groups.

To finish off Global Running Day, I met up with the NYC EFC crew for a 4 mile road run across the Williamsburg bridge. The suspension bridge stretches across the East River and connects the Lower East Side of Manhattan with Brooklyn. It’s no surprise that there was no shortage of runners and bikers on the bridge – the views were on point. Post workout, we grabbed drinks at Boulton & Watt. Did I mention that EFC has no shower happy hours after every workout? Honestly, whats better than sweating, drinking and socializing? I’ll wait.

Want to get in on the action? Check out EFC’s first pop-up workout + happy hour in Baltimore next Wednesday (6/20).

Stay sweaty!

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