Barre Inspired Moves You Can Take [ almost ] Anywhere

If you are looking to lengthen and tone, look no further than barre. Barre is a great full body workout, targeting upper body, lower body and core muscle groups.

Barre incorporates aspects of yoga, pilates and strength conditioning behind dance. Some studios offer cardio barre varieties that incorporate in some HIIT (high intensity internal training) to get your heart rate elevated and torch calories.

Don’t have a barre? No worries – I’ve put together some of my favorite barre inspired moves that you can do [ almost ] anywhere. Just grab some weights and get started!

Here’s what the workout includes:

  • Wide 2nd Plie with heel lift
  • High-V
  • Tricep kickbacks + pulses
  • Bicep curls
  • Reverse flys
  • Rows
  • Shoulder press in wide W
  • Pilates 100s w crunch

Try each of these moves for 2-3 minutes.

Click here to see how to do the moves.


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