Grab your bestie and check out these 6 bodyweight exercises!

Need some motivation? Grab a friend and swap your next solo gym session for these partner, bodyweight exercises that can be done [ almost ] anywhere. Working out with a friend not only adds accountability, but can increase motivation and push your workout to the next level.

Complete each exercise for 1 minute and repeat for 3 rounds.

Leg Throw Down + Reverse Crunch

  • Partner A lies on their back with their head at partner B’s feet
  • Partner A grabs onto partner B’s ankles and lifts their legs toward their head, keeping their legs straight
  • Partner A lifts their hips off the ground engaging lower abdomen muscles
  • After partner A’s hips return to the starting position, partner B throws down their legs
  • Partner A resists and slowly lower legs without letting them touch the ground

Straight Arm Plank + High Five

  • Both partners get in high plank position facing each other about two feet apart
  • Hands and feet should be shoulder width apart
  • Keeping shoulders and hips squared, raise one hand in front of your body and reach across to high five your partner
  • Alternate high fives

Forearm Plank + Lateral Hop

  • Partner A holds a forearm plank w their feet close together
  • Partner B jumps over their ankles (the higher you jump, the more of a challenge)
  • Switch!

Sit-Up + High Five

  • Both partners start in sit-up position with knees bent and feet flat
  • Perform sit-up and high five your partner at the top
  • Repeat!

Wheelbarrow Push-Up + Squat

  • Parter A gets in high plank position (make sure your arms are straight and your core is tight)
  • Partner B lifts partner A’s ankles
  • Parter A lowers into a push-up leading with their chest while partner B squats (keeping their weight in their heels and their knees behind their toes)

Wheelbarrow Walk

  • Partner A gets in high plank position and partner B grabs partner A’s ankles
  • Partner A walks forward squeezing their abs and glutes
  • Switch!

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