The Low Down on Goat Yoga

Happy Saturday! I haven’t posted twice in one weekend in a while, but I got a lot of questions and interest about Goat Yoga from my IG yesterday, so I figured I’d go ahead and post all the details.

My friend Lauren came across this Goat Yoga event, Goat-toberfest, in Gettysburg and without high expectations, we figured why not give it a shot. It was about an hour drive to get there and I think we were both slightly nervous about what we had signed ourselves up for – in a “we’re going to be the only people here” and “they’re probably only going to have 5 goats” kind of way. Luckily we were wrong. It was actually really fun and I think we spent the whole hour laughing.

The yoga

Don’t expect a traditional yoga class. Most people seemed to be new to yoga or had never done it before and were just there for the goats. They also allow you to stop, take pictures, talk, etc. during class. Even if you aren’t distracted, the goats will interrupt your practice so you’ll just have to get over it.

The goats

After we checked in, we walked down the hill and immediately realized that the next hour was going to be absolutely hilarious. We set up our mats, they opened the gates and goats poured in. They’re were about 40 of us and 50 goats. As we moved through asanas the goats would come up behind you, sit on your mat, or start nibbling (they only have bottom teeth so it didn’t really hurt).

Unfortunately most of the vendors didn’t post because of the weather, but after yoga, we were able to enjoy a tasting of Jack’s Hard Cider. They grow, press and ferment the apples in PA, about 20 minutes west of Gettysburg. We tried 5 of their flagship and seasonal ciders. I would definitely recommend and am already planning on making a trip back to check out their taproom at Hauser Estate Winery where they have over 14 ciders on tap.


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