Now, I ain’t sayin’ she a goal digger

New month – new goals.

I like to write out my goals to remind myself of what I’m working for. Specific, measurable, and most importantly, realistic goals.

Check out the 8 goals that I’ve set for myself for this month.

Hint : content on the blog, IG feed and story will be largely revolving around these topics this month.

  1. Eat better. OK – I already eat entirely gluten-free and overall my diet is mostly healthy, but I’m going to eliminate dairy this month. See what I did there? I’m going to eliminate dairy. NOT, I’m going to try to eliminate dairy. Positive thinking. Affirmations are positive phrases that you repeat to yourself to build up your subconscious mind. It sounds silly, but it’s seriously effective. Check my IG story for dairy free recipes [ and swaps ] this month.
  2. Create better sleep habits. AKA not falling asleep on the couch watching trashy TV or hitting snooze in the morning. Who else is guilty here? Instead, I’m going to swap late night screen time [ Netflix binges and scrolling endlessly on the gram ] for reading. Even if it’s just 15 minutes. Cutting back on blue light exposure before bed is believed to be helpful in boosting sleep quality. I also am going to focus on creating a refreshing and relaxing sleep environment. Candles, essential oils and this works deep sleep pillow spray [ #sleepgoals ]. I’ve been loving my Vitruvi Diffuser from Anthropologie and doterra essential oils [ breathe, lavender and peppermint ]. I’m excited to play around with different ways to use oils, so expect more essential oils content. Did you know that you can use essential oils to create homemade cleaning solution, apply them topically, and even ingest some oils?
  3. Read more. I finished one book in January and my goal is to knock out one more this month. BTW – highly recommend Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. S/O to my first read of 2019! I also joined an online group reading challenge [ because accountability ] and a book club in my new city [ a little ahead of myself here because I haven’t gone yet, but already put the date in my calendar for post move in a few weeks ]. Send your recommendations my way!
  4. Practice gratitude. Gratitude helps you see what there is – not what isn’t. I’m starting by creating a reverse bucket list. Each day I’m going to add 1 thing to my reverse bucket list. Basically, a list of experiences/accomplishments/adventures that I’m grateful for. I’m excited to look at my completed reverse bucket list at the end of the month. I will post it to the blog too [ hello, vulnerability ].
  5. Write out my goals. Writing out your goals is a great reminder of what you’re working for. I just got a new Day Designer planner from target and I’m loving the layout. It has monthly calendars with a designated space for to-do’s [ um, hi, goals ], space for daily to-do’s and header space to jot down your “top three” for the week.
  6. Declutter. One of the things I’m super excited about with my upcoming move is the opportunity to de-clutter. I’ve been getting rid of anything and everything that doesn’t serve me because it’s not worth moving and certainly has no place in my new [ clean, organized and not to mention small-ish one bedroom apartment ] space. Keeping with specific and measurable – I’m going to focus my de-cluttering on my closet. Top grading my clothes, from work to workout gear, and getting rid of some [ read, A LOT ] shoes. My new closet is actually rather larger, but I still don’t need the weight of stuff I don’t wear.
  7. Do one thing I’ve been putting off. The last couple of months I spent a significant chunk of time at Core Power Yoga for Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training and Extensions. 6 hours of training per week, on-top of taking classes, completing homework assignments and obviously practicing. I found out about my move towards the end of my extensions [ think 2nd round of extended training ], so I didn’t end up auditioning in Baltimore. However, I do plan on auditioning once I move to Charlotte. Thank God they have a studio there – actually TWO [ they just opened a second studio in mid-January ]. But since I didn’t audition in January – that meant I had some extra time to complete my training requirements. And now? I need to just get it done so I can audition in a few short weeks. Sometimes we put off things that we enjoy. I loved my whole Core Power experience – but life happens, we get busy and when you have time, sometimes we put things off. So this month I’m going to finish everything needed to complete my training/receive my YSTT + extensions certificate of competition and audition for a spot on the schedule.
  8. Focus on personal development. Podcasts, books, training opportunities. All. Of. The. Above. It’s important to take advantage of opportunities [ and make time ] for things that are going to allow us to grow. This should honestly be a daily thing, but I’m going to start small [ read, realistically ] and commit to doing one thing per week to contribute to my personal development.

What are you working on this month? What are your thoughts on goal setting? Leave me a comment and let me know! xx

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