I’m different, yeah I’m different

But, seriously – lets talk activewear, specifically fabric. 60% of average laundry loads are made up of synthetic or blended fabrics and these fabrics are much different than cotton. So how do you care for advanced fabrics?

Use laundry detergent made for workout clothes AKA modern sweat wicking fabrics.HEX Anti-Stink Detergent uses a modern formula designed specially to clean synthetic and moisture-wicking fabrics. 

Nix the fabric softener. To start, modern fabrics are designed to be soft, so fabric softener isn’t necessary. Plus, fabric softener actually coats tech fabrics with a waxy residue and prevents breathing, sweat wicking and damages elasticity. Thank you, Next!

Cold wash. Air dry. Use cold water to prevent the breakdown of materials and any shrinkage. Most performance fabrics last longer if you can avoid excessive heat. If you have to use the dryer, make sure you tumble dry on low heat. Avoiding heat will also protect any reflective or decorative detail.

Turn clothes inside out. This will help protect prints and avoid any color bleeding.

Don’t add too much detergent. One more time for the people in the back. No seriously – adding more detergent because your clothes stink won’t work. Washing machines are designed to wash out a set amount of detergent, so that excess detergent actually ends up leaving a film on your clothes.

Wash like with like. Bright colored gear with similar colors and synthetic fabrics with similar fabrics. Easy enough, right?

Custom Denim Calligraphy Design : @amyscripts
Photography : @MadisonShort

Other tips + tricks :

Headbands? YES. Wash them. Try throwing them in a delicates bag with your next load of workout gear.

Try adding a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to your next load of laundry. I’ve been loving breathe / doterra.

If your clothes stink, that means bacteria is growing – so don’t let your sweaty gear sit in your laundry basket for too long.

Strong fragrances don’t necessarily eliminate the real problem. Using detergents like HEX eliminate odor and protect your clothes – as opposed to using strong fragrances to simply mask odor.

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