Stay Grateful : Creating Your Reverse Bucket List

May you approach this season with gratitude and a deeply rooted hope that everyday will teach you something that is an integral part of your growth.


I’m a very goal oriented person – specifically writing out my goals as a reminder to myself of what I’m working for and sharing for accountability. Last month I posted 8 things that I was focusing on – including practicing gratitude. Why? Because gratitude helps you see what there is – not what isn’t.

What is a Reverse Bucket List?

We often times hear about buckets lists consisting of amazing trips, experiences, dreams, goals – you name it. I’m a big write your goals down and visualize them kind of person, so honestly I love the concept, but the exercise of creating a Reverse Bucket List isn’t worth sleeping on either.

Your Reverse Bucket List is all about taking a step back, acknowledging all of the things that you have done or accomplished [ no matter how big or how small ], embracing gratefulness and then using that energy as motivation to attack your goals.

So where do I start?

Each day add one thing to your Reverse Bucket List. And don’t sweat over missing a day – just catch yourself up. Your bucket list items can be anything you want them to be – experiences, accomplishments, adventures, the things that you are grateful for. At the end of the month you will have a completed reverse bucket list and something amazing to reference on those days that you need a little reminder that you’re freaking awesome.

Below is my Reverse Bucket List – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this concept and if you decide to create your own!

stay grateful – xx

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